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Movement Efficiency Training - 100 kms of it !

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

What a weekend to remember !! I created some seriously great memories with Friends, in the great outdoors and ticked a personal goal off my bucket list.

100 km Surfcoast Century - Mission Accomplished

HIghlights -

1. My Support Crew. Eva Heraud & Jane Fischer you were Exceptional in Every way. I felt so supported by the both of you which allowed me to relax completely in to the goal of making the Finish Line. The Fun, The laughter and simply Hanging with you TWO was the highlight for me.

2. The Race was everything I was hoping for - sand, reef, ascents, descents, forest, beach, open grassland, ocean vistas, etc. A great Variety of visions to delight my eyes.

3. My body - Even I am in Awe of it after this outing. ? How does it keep going ? Re-Broke the toe at the 85 km mark and decided that the burst of Adrenalin and Pain was actually what was going to help me make the end. I had one "mental waiver of doubt" at 30 kms.... and after snapping out of that I just felt really confident that there was zero chance of not finishing.

4. I really was committed to this race and it played out exactly to plan..... there are so many variables which can make finishing impossible for even the Elite athlete (Sprained ankles, broken bones, vomiting, gastro, sheer exhaustion, blisters, etc). So for the adventure to unfold without a hiccup was absolutely pure LUCK - but I will take it.

Key takeaway Learning from this race -

No matter the goal, get clear about the outcome and just keep moving (even if it feels incredibly slow) because if you JUST KEEP MOVING you will reach your outcome.

So pleased some of you enjoyed seeing the "dot" moving towards the finish. Was an EPIC day that fed my Soul, and I felt TRULY ALIVE.

Thanks to the many people who played various roles in helping me achieve this magical outcome...... You know who you are ! I am beyond grateful.

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