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Mobile Physiotherapy

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Sometimes getting to a Physio appointment can be hard work - Maybe you are on crutches? Maybe you can't drive? Maybe you have small kids with sleep routines to protect? Maybe you are immune compromised? Maybe you don't have a car?  Whatever the reason - we can come to you!

In-home Physio fees


  60 min  

Initial Physiotherapy home visit

For our NDIS, elderly and immune-suppressed clients this initial consultation will be performed by a physiotherapist to establish your goals, needs and to make a therapy plan for our physio assistant to follow on subsequent visits.


  60 min  

Subsequent Physio Assistant home visits

Equipped with a rehabilitation plan, one of our physiotherapy assistants will attend to you and action the plan in your home (including massage and movement supervision)

45 min   $86.25 

We accept Zip payments for all our physio and massage services.
If you're not familiar with ZIP Pay, essentially it offers interest-free payment options meaning that if you're experiencing cash flow issues but really need your sessions to get better, this could be a great solution for you. 

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Mobile Physio Service area

We service the Margaret River and surroundings as well as Busselton / Dunsborough and surroundings.


Additional travel fees:

Travel within 5 to 10  km of Margaret River town centre is complimentary. 

Outside of this zone: travel is charged on a time basis, working off the hourly rate of $115.

For Example, a 30min drive from Margaret River town = $57.50  (in addition to the consultation fee)


Note that wherever possible we organise clients in the same area on the same days and pass on the travel savings. 

Conditions we love treating


  • Sports Injuries

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Hip Pain

  • Knee Pain

  • Fractures

  • Arthritis

  • and more.

Mobile physio services_transaparent.png
Mobile physio services_transaparent.png


  • Hip Replacement

  • Knee Replacement

  • Fracture Fixation

  • Tendon Repairs

  • ACL Reconstruction

  • Achilles Tendon Repair

  • Arthroscopy

  • Spine Surgery

  • and more.

Mobile physio services_transaparent.png


  • Arthritis

  • General Re-conditioning

  • Fall Prevention

  • Walking programs

  • Balance re-training 


  • Stroke

  • Head Injury

  • ALS, MS, Parkinson's

  • Spinal Cord Injury

  • and more.

Mobile physio services_transaparent.png

Our therapists

Movement Solutions
Marion McRae

Lead Physiotherapist, Business Owner,

Bulletproof Backs Podcaster, Course Creator


Marion McRae is a physiotherapist, pilates instructor, fascial therapist and foot specialist.
She is also a self-confessed "movement addict", spartan warrior, ultra runner, ocean kayaker and lifelong learner who juggles clinical consulting, raising teenagers, endurance training with the constant retrieval of her "adventurous" Labrador called George.
Marion has successfully owned private clinics both in Brisbane and Margaret River, helping injured people find the joy of moving again.
She’s actively invested in lowering the global back pain epidemic through her 'Bulletproof Backs' Podcast, Courses and Virtual Clinic, which are all focused on empowering individuals to heal stubborn back pain.

Movement Solutions Team_Kim_edited.jpg
Kim Turnbull

Allied Health Physio Assistant 
Sports & Remedial Massage


Kim is a fully qualified physiotherapy allied health assistant and trained massage therapist. She has a multitude of tools and methods to achieve the client's best results.
Kim’s massage style combines remedial therapy in combination with physio consultation, deep tissue, sports massage, and trigger point therapy with manual stretching. Cupping therapy will be used where necessary.
No session with Kim is the same as each massage is tailored to the needs of the individual to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time frame.
Kim offers medium to firm massage pressure.

Movement Solutions Team_Suzanna_edited.j
Suzanna van Dijk-Wilson

Allied Health Physio Assistant 
Remedial Massage


Originally from the Netherlands, Suzana and her family have lived in Margaret River for almost 13 years. She has worked for many years as a massage therapist in Margaret River and joined the team at Movement Solutions on June 2022.

Suzanna has a physio degree, which she completed in the Netherlands and although her degree is not officially recognised in Australia, she draws on this knowledge when working with clients both as a massage therapist and Physio Assistant.




Physio visits your home, works out your goals and makes a plan


Physio or Physio Assistant visits your home to ACTION your plan (Massage, Manual Therapy & supervised Movement)


The physio may also suggest one of our movement coaches visit you (walk/run coach, pilates/yoga instructor, etc.)

Find out more about the Top 5 reasons to book a mobile physio service.

Our Movement Coaches

Frequently asked questions

What appointment should I book?

If you are a new client, you have a new issue or you haven't seen us in a while choose an "Initial appointment". This allows the clinician more time to go through your issues and formulate the plan to get you better faster!

Do I need a doctor's referral?

No. You do not need a doctor's referral. However, if your condition is complex and chronic, you may qualify for some medicare funded physiotherapy and this will require your GP's assistance. Simply ask them to help organise a Medicare Care Plan to assist with your physiotherapy costs. 

What will happen during my first appointment?

The physiotherapist will ask you questions about your goals, your injury, your surgery, etc. They will assess your posture and your movement habits, and identify any limiting beliefs or emotional addictions that may be limiting you. They will then create a plan for moving forward and start some treatment or prescribe a movement if time allows. 

Do you have hicaps/health insurance onsite?

Yes. Simply bring in your card for processing at the time of your consultation. 

Do you bulk bill?

We have recently introduced a bulk billing care pathway for those referred under a Medicare Care Plan. After your initial consultation, you will be given the option to use one of our physiotherapy assistants to complete your rehabilitation at a bulk-billed rate. To learn more, ask at your initial consultation. 

Do I need to prepare anything for the home visit? 

It Is helpful to have a clear intention of your goals, and as many details as possible about your medical history or previous operations. We like to know who your Doctor is and work in closely with any other health practitioners you may already have in your team. We can bring a mobile massage bed if required, or use existing furniture in your home. Let us know what exercise equipment you already own so we can incorporate it into your program if required. 

How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?

This is highly dependent on your goals and your starting place. Chronic conditions will require more work and more visits. Relatively new injuries are usually more responsive to treatment and we work off a 4 - 6 visit program. The frequency and amount of sessions are highly related to your goals and your ability to work independently or not. 

What will my treatment involve?

Your treatment usually involves a blend of mindset drills, emotional awareness exercises, movement prescriptions, breathwork, hands-on manual therapy; massage, mobilisations, dry needling, etc. 

Have another question before booking?

Contact us here.

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