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The Movement Solutions Team

Movement Solutions Team_Marion_edited.jpg

Marion McRae

Lead Physiotherapist

Bulletproof Backs Podcaster,

Course Creator

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Movement Solutions Team_Kim_edited.jpg

Kim Turnbull

Client Liason Officer

Sports & Remedial Massage 

Allied Health Physio Assistant 

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Movement Solutions Team_Jess_edited.jpg

Jessica Digney

Exercise Physiologist  

Clinical Pilates & Group Exercise 

Teen Strength 

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Eleanor Davies

Feldenkrais Teacher 

Image 6-12-2023 at 11.37 am.jpeg

Allanah Robinson-Cook 

Naturopath - Arc Wellness 

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Ava image _edited_edited_edited.jpg

Ava Quam

Qigong Teacher

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sunrise_hamstring stretch_edited.jpg

Sarah Borrel

Movement Solutions Team_Izzy_edited.jpg

Isobel Barak 

General Manager - Physiotherapist 
Nutritional Science
Clinical & Reformer Pilates 

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Movement Solutions Team_Suzanna_edited.jpg

van Dijk-Wilson

Remedial Massage 

Allied Health Physio Assistant 

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Image 28-2-2024 at 3.19 pm.jpeg

Bianca Pearce


Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 12.58.17 pm.png

Adrian Castle

Running Coach

Outdoor Personal Training

Image 6-12-2023 at 11.37 am.jpeg

Chloe Black 


Mind-Body Medicine

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Chelles Edwards.png

Chelle Edwards

Yoga Teacher

Guided Meditation

Michelle Joy.jpg

Michelle Longstaff

Guided Meditation Consultant 

Reiki therapist

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