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Marion McRae is a physiotherapist and the creator of Bulletproof Backs - an online course and podcast that uses holistic, compassionate and science-based tools to banish back pain

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Why work with Marion? 


Marion McRae is the founder of “Movement Solutions”, where she leads a team of physios, massage therapists and movement coaches in Margaret River, Western Australia.  


Known as the ‘Movement Queen’, Marion is well regarded in the physiotherapy community, teaching fellow therapists all the things they didn’t learn at university to truly help their clients get long-lasting results with practical, holistic, movement-based solutions. 


However it’s not Marion’s expertise in Neuroscience, Fascial Dynamics, Postural Neurology or Anatomy in Motion that makes her stand out; it’s her ability to compassionately coach clients into altered perceptions of their pain experience with mindset shifts, and emotional fitness principles that really sets her apart. 


Her personal experience of being married to a chronic pain partner, and the inevitable breakdown of her marriage and family unit as a consequence, became the catalyst for her creation of the Bulletproof Backs Podcast and Courses. Identifying a need for “holistic” “movement-based” solutions for back pain and other chronic injuries, she created a suite of online courses that are easily accessed and affordable. Her mission is to offer viable, scientific, holistic healing pathways for common injuries.