Build a Bulletproof Back


Marion has developed the "Build a Bulletproof Back" program for those that are ready to commit to the journey of rebuilding their physical, mental & emotional systems so that they can finally shift the Stubborn Back Pain and Move Freely Again.  


She Transforms Lives by Helping clients Identify their limiting Beliefs,  by showing them how to re-align their spines with quality movement drills,  and teaches strategies to build emotional fitness.


Due to Marion's diversity of qualifications, she is uniquely placed to bridge the Gap between the mainstream medical model and the evolving worlds of Meditation & Spirituality. Her core belief is that addressing the Mind, the BODY and the Spirit is where TRULY Powerful Healing Lies. 

Back Pain costs Australian's 40 Billion dollars a year; more than cancer, cardio-vascular disease and diabetes combined. It is an Epidemic we don't need to have.


This program is founded on Science Based tools drawn from many fields of research. It gets results. 

Three Program Options

Build a Bulletproof Back Solo

• Access the 8 wk online program ONLY
• No FB group
• No Group Classes 
• No access to the coach

Build a Bulletproof Back

• Access to the online program
• Access to the FB group
• Access to 16 x Movement Matters     Group Classes over 8 weeks 
• Access to the coach only during class

Build a Bulletproof Back

• Access to the online program
• Access to the FB group
• Access to the Movement Matters Classes for 8 weeks. 
• 6 x  private sessions with Marion (45 mins) in the studio/online

Private Sessions & Classes Available online or in Studio