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To Help you Think, Move & Feel Better 

Bulletproof Backs

This online program transforms shitty, painful backs into strong, supple, spines that move freely with confidence.


What if healing your spine could be easy? 

What if we sat and had a cup of tea and I got to know you, figured out how you learn best and could make the healing journey FUN?

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Image by Sinitta Leunen

Your spine is a beautiful, intelligent part of your foundation that is trying to tell you something.  

I take great joy in unravelling the maze for you, and in the process, you teach me with even greater clarity the most efficient ways to serve. 
It's a win-win relationship. 

Here is what past participants have enjoyed.

" It was only a short commitment each day which I felt that I could manage.

I liked that I was learning something new and that I worked up to the physical part of it.
... " - Nat Forbes

"I loved the overall educational aspect of the program and the number of things that it covers. I think that there is something for everyone in this course. I have already recommended this program to others, and some have started! " - Chris Larke 

"The variety of options given is next level. I’ll keep using the knowledge I learned from now on in my daily routines. I was so unaware of how a few simple shifts in foot pressure totally dissolved my back pain in seconds..."

- Madeline Richards


This 6 wk course combines Mindset, Emotional Fitness & Movement re-education practices designed to teach you how to THINK, FEEL and MOVE better. Healing Spinal Pain can be FUN when your learning style is known, and you receive custom strategies, from the best facilitators. 

A holistic course, created by a physio, whose mission is to reduce the global back pain epidemic 

What's included?

A 6 wk online course designed for people with stubborn back pain.


We take a holistic approach that explores the mindset, the movement habits and the emotional fitness required to rapidly heal & transform a painful spine into a Bulletproof Back.

  • 6 wks of original, fun, fresh content that you won't find elsewhere on the web! 

  • Daily 20 min lessons delivered to your phone, tablet, laptop in the privacy of your own home 

  • Email support with a qualified Bulletproof Backs Certified Physiotherapist whenever you need

  • Performance Monitoring and Accountability Tracking 

  • Physiotherapy Guided Movement Videos helping you to understand and practice "quality movement

  • Opportunities to upgrade to private coaching, and / or private consultations

  • Access to a community of fellow Bulletproof Back Builders on the Journey. Share stories, swap experiences, laugh, inspire and motivate each other. 

It's NOT a QUICK FIX or a BAND AID solution.

It's for those ready to do the internal work to become aware of subconscious blocks, habitual movement habits and emotional addictions that are holding them in a pain cycle.

Your investment

$695 for the six week program, which includes a 45 min intro session with a Bulletproof Backs holistic physiotherapist.

How it works - Step by Step 


Join the program for $695 and have 90 day access to these valuable resources (or $232 x 3 mths) 

Schedule your intro session

The physiotherapist will perform a safety screening and  identify your learning style

Back Pain
Start the 6-week program

You can access the course via laptop, mobile phone or tablet, delivered in daily 20 min lessons

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Enjoy life and a pain free back!

Return to doing the things you LOVE and being the person you were before your back pain took over

Our students love this approach

"Doing so much better with the exercises you gave me and after circus (lots of trapeze too). Wanted you to know how much just focusing on my feet and body has changed my life. Many Thanks."

Ben Andrews


Bulletproof Backs Online Course

Includes 45 min Consultation with a Physiotherapist 

Beta Test trials of this course demonstrated that 8/10 Clients experienced an 80% reduction in symptoms in the first 2 weeks  (purely with education). 

Don't hesitate, keep it easy and enjoy the process

You Deserve to be FREE of this Pain 

May be claimable on your Private Health Physiotherapy Cover (Conditions Apply).



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Options for those seeking accelerated results & customisation

Pick the pricing plan that works for you

  • Coaching Upgrade

    Valid for 3 months
    • 6 x 45 min Physiotherapy Consultations
    • Unlimited Access to our pre-recorded Movement Classes
  • Coaching Upgrade - Payments Spread

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • 6 x 45 min Online Physiotherapy Consultations
    • Unlimited Access to Pre-Recorded Movement Classes
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Marion's Unique Approach

Combining powerful movement ideas, with mental mindset tools and emotional release strategies.
Any Stubborn pain in your body may enjoy a fresh perspective and respond well to her holistic, fun and easy-going approach.

Marion McRae is a physiotherapist, pilates instructor, fascial therapist, foot specialist, psychedelic assisted therapist .... & more.

She is also a self-confessed "movement addict", spartan warrior, ultra runner, ocean kayaker and life long learner who juggles clinical consulting, raising teenagers, endurance training with the constant retrieval of her "adventurous" Labrador called George.
After successfully owning private clinics in Brisbane and Margaret River, helping injured people find the joy of moving again, she decided her future mission was to lower the global back pain epidemic, which currently costs Australians $40 Billion annually.

Marion’s Podcast, Courses and Virtual Clinic are all focussed on empowering individuals with the tools required to heal stubborn back pain; through a powerful combination of Mindset, Movement and Emotional strategy. She welcomes all feedback and opportunities for enhancement of the courses so they can benefit others.

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Building Bulletproof Backs

Marion McRae - Physiotherapist & Movement Addict

Join Marion as she interviews back pain sufferers who have found a way out of the nightmare. Physical, Mental & Emotional Tools are shared, to help you Build a Bulletproof Back.

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