Building Bulletproof Backs 

The Building.a Bulletproof Back concept has been a passion project of mine for the past few years. As Australia continues to spend $40 Billion Dollars Annually on back pain, (90 Billion in the USA) I continue to feel called to effect change in this arena. I believe we spend this much money and get poor outcomes, because our existing medical model needs evolving. So, rather than whinge about the problem, (which I have been guilty of!) I am keen to get on with creating a solution.


What is my Solution ? Thanks for Asking.


My solution is a combination of EDUCATION, INSPIRATION & FACILITATION.


  • EDUCATION in the form of online courses for back pain sufferers and health professionals

  • INSPIRATION in the form of the Building a Bulletproof Back Podcast where we share stories of back pain HOPE, and explore alternate view points with Leading Edge Therapists and Movement Teachers

  • FACILITATION / COACHING (online or ) for therapists and patients who seek it. 


Persistent Back Pain needs a MENTAL, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL strategy. Without a cohesive wholistic approach, people rarely win. Over many years I have researched and developed many TOOLS for clients to get on with the job of healing and it's time to share them on a GLOBAL scale. 

Courses, Retreats & Coaching 
Private Sessions & Classes Available online via Zoom

Build a Bulletproof Back Solo

• Access the 8 wk online program 
• Access to the Private FB group
• Group Classes available as add on
• Coaching Call available as add on

Build a Bulletproof Back

• Access to the 8 wk online program
• Access to the Private FB group
• Access to 15 x Themed Movement    Classes (Pre-recorded Link)     

• Coaching Call available as add on

Build a Bulletproof Back

• Access to the online program
• Access to the FB group
• Access to 15 x Themed Movement    Classes (Pre-recorded Link) 
• 3 x  45 min coaching sessions       with  Marion via Zoom (1 on 1) 

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If you are seeking inspiration, hope and some tips, then check out Marion's Podcast where she chats to past clients, teachers and those on the journey to Building Bulletproof Backs.