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Online Rehab courses


Learn @ Home 

Got a specific Injury Slowing you down?
Or just a fellow Movement Nerd? 

Marion has developed a range of unique movement courses designed to educate, inspire and return you to full function.

Accessible on any device - Anytime.


Marion's Unique Approach

Combining powerful movement ideas, with mental mindset tools and emotional release strategies.
Any Stubborn pain in your body may enjoy a fresh perspective and respond well to her holistic, fun and easy-going approach.

Marion McRae is a physiotherapist, pilates instructor, fascial therapist and foot specialist.

She is also a self-confessed "movement addict", spartan warrior, ultra runner, ocean kayaker and life long learner who juggles clinical consulting, raising teenagers, endurance training with the constant retrieval of her "adventurous" Labrador called George.
After successfully owning private clinics in Brisbane and Margaret River, helping injured people find the joy of moving again, she decided her future mission was to lower the global back pain epidemic, which currently costs Australians $40 Billion annually.

Marion’s Podcast, Courses and Virtual Clinic are all focussed on empowering individuals with the tools required to heal stubborn back pain; through a powerful combination of Mindset, Movement and Emotional strategy. She welcomes all feedback and opportunities for enhancement of the courses so they can benefit others.

Our students love this approach

"Doing so much better with the exercises you gave me and after circus (lots of trapeze too). Wanted you to know how much just focusing on my feet and body has changed my life. Many Thanks."

Ben Andrews
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