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Stretching your Physiotherapy Cover Further with a Physiotherapy Assistant ?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Could it work for you ?

We get that sometimes you just want a therapeutic massage for some stiff and sore bits that may not require any great level of physiotherapy assessment or movement prescription, OR that getting into the clinic can be an absolute headache for those of you with chronic conditions, transport issues, etc Introducing, Kim Turnbull, an allied health physiotherapy assistant with specialist training in massage. Once you have been assessed by any of our physiotherapists and have a documented rehabilitation plan in place, then Kim can step in and simply help you action the plan, at a more affordable price. Kim can help massage the tight muscles, supervise your stretches and strengthening protocols and is available for home visits. Some case studies of how we are choosing to use Kim's Expertise as a physiotherapy assistant are outlined below.

Case Study One - Age, transport and Immobility Issues Client X has allocated Medicare physiotherapy funding, but finds it hard to actually get to physiotherapy sessions due to her age, immobility and transport issues. The client was assessed by Marion in the clinic, and Marion created a rehabilitation plan which includes a healthy blend of therapeutic massage and some customised movement prescriptions. Kim now attends the client's home and performs the soft tissue work recommended by Marion and then helps the client practice their movement prescriptions. Every 6th session, the client re-visits the clinic to review the progress, and amend the plan as required. Case Study Two - Stretching the Physio $$ Further Private Health Insurance client Y has used up her massage cover for the year, but still has stacks of physiotherapy cover because she has been so well. Isobel assessed the client's overall posture and identified some muscles that were too short and some that were too weak. Isobel set a rehabilitation plan to improve the client's posture and communicated this with KIm. Kim now see's the client weekly for one hour sessions to manually release the Tight tissues and to help the client practice her muscle re-activations. Kim's 60 min sessions ($115) are billed at close to the same price as 30 mins with Isobel (physio $95). Effectively, Client Y has nearly Double the Time with KIm, then she would with Isobel, for similar price. Client y can happily continue to receive massages through her physiotherapy cover and know that ultimately she is working towards her goal of general postural improvement. Case Study Three - NDIS Funding NDIS funded Client Z has stacks of physiotherapy cover, but due to the nature of his condition, he is often not feeling well enough to visit the clinic. Marion assessed the client in the clinic, set a rehabilitation plan and now Kim attends his place weekly to execute his plan (a combination of massage, movement and meditation) in the comfort of his own home. Every 3 months, he returns to the clinic for a review with Marion and an upgrade of his rehabilitation plan.

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