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How and Why we Move ? Ponder it.

I feel this video is a GREAT example of two minds approaching one concept (MOVEMENT)

from very different perspectives. As a physiotherapist, pilates instructor, postural neurologist, etc I started with the Huberman focus on the "How" many years ago.

Thankfully, through Feldenkrais, I became aware of the "WHY" and the "Embodied Experience" of Movement.

As Ido Portal so eloquently shares -

We need more education that we are living movement in every moment -

Every thought

Every feeling

Every breath

Even at rest we are moving

I challenge my mechanical minded physiotherapy colleagues to truly reflect on why we are so passionate about MOVEMENT. It's not just about pain reduction, it's about restoring people to the JOY that is Movement. Free Thinking, Free Feeling, Free breathing.

This video discussion invites those in the movement re-education space to fully embody their own movement experience. Intellectual Knowing and Embodied Experience are two very different beasts. I certainly know I became a better teacher ( ? and perhaps person) once I fully let go into the expansiveness that is Movement. It is why I hate EXERCISE SHEETS so much.

My business is called Movement Solutions for a very strong reason.

Movement of thought, Movement of Emotions, Movement of Feelings.... we are beyond the traditional physiotherapy clinic and that pleases me.

My favourite Ido Portal Reflections -

  • We are a body with a brain not a brain with a body

  • There is no pure thought no pure movement - everything is integrated and the wholeness is the movement

And this -

Thinking about movement

FEELING the colours and textures of movement

And then the action of movement - the how

Braided together all 3 into an experience of energy in motion

And this -

Movements are the content

MOVEMENT is the container

Do not limit the mind with how you engage in the practice of movement

And this is mine -

Squats planks lunges


Playfulness, spine, breathe, emotions, curiosity,


Stretch, burn, fatigue, spring,

And perhaps all of it is BORING if movement is not your passion ! ?

Let me know.

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