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Accessing Spirituality through Physicality

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

This really is how I see my role - As a facilitator.

From what I have observed over the years there are stages on the journey.

Often my client's present in Step One and my greatest Joy is guiding them to Step Three.

Step One. Something Hurts.

I hold the view that every symptom is a feedback from your body. An attempt for you to know more, learn more, discover more about yourself. Sometimes it is super obvious, sometimes more subtle. Sometimes i see it clearly, sometimes I have no clue.

For those people open to sitting in silent reflection, for doing the inner work, there are great revelations which rapidly shift them from Pain to Relief and eventually to acceptance or satisfaction with where they are currently at. Making Peace with their current reality.

No longer fighting it, escaping it, becoming frustrated with it. Just total acceptance that "they are where they are", and progression is inevitable with correct focus and strategy.

Step Two. "I no longer hurt, but I feel stiff, weak, fearful of moving."

And so we begin to find pleasure in our bodies. We tune into the senses and actively ramp up their inputs. We roll around on the floor and feel the sensory inputs from our skin, fascia, joint receptors in new ways. We teach our brain new ways to move which FEEL good. Often these new ways are not "what someone has told us is the correct way", but rather what our body has told us is the best way for us. The body learns to let go of tensions causing stiffness, it finds ease in moving so that strength naturally returns with increased activity and before we are even conscious of it, we feel safe and are moving without thought. Confidence sneaks up on us, silently in the background of our pleasurable movement experiences.

Step Three. My favourite Step.

We find so much pleasure in moving that we start to truly LOVE and value our bodies for the awesome physical machines that they are. We start to feel so grateful that we get to experience this world in a vessel capable of so much pleasure. Whenever we are emotionally low, we know we have senses that can provide relief. Eyes that interpret colour spectrums so rich and diverse. Ears that can be delighted by birds singing or waterfalls gushing. A nose that can do backflips at the smell of coffee, or tastebuds that can melt with a slither of chocolate. Skin that can sense the comforting pressure of your dog laying on you, the hairbrush activating your scalp, or the softness of a child's hand in yours. Let's not forget our FEET. The sense of anchoring and calm that can be received by simply noticing their connection to the earth.

These are the experiences which help us to feel LOVE. And in feeling Love we move closer to our true nature. WE become more of who we are. And that is my version of Spirituality.

To know that we already have it all. There is nothing to seek, We are perfectly imperfect.

We are spiritual beings have a physical experience. EMBRACE IT.

Loving our bodies heals our bodies, but don't let Healing be your main mission.

Let it be a consequence of the LOVE.

Step 3 is my ultra running journey. I know not everyone loves to run, but for me, there are so many aspects of the motion that give me so much pleasure, that doing it for hours seems easy, natural and my idea of a good time. When I combine the motion of running with the sensorial experience of mother nature, I frequently experience bliss states. Tears streaming down my eyes which some may interpret as PAIN, but are really tears of JOY. Pure joy for the gift of my physicality.

Others experience it fishing, cycling, walking, swimming, or simply sitting quietly.

As always, see your pain as the wonderful gift that it is, for it may be your invitation to come on the journey?

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