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Today's Movement Award Goes to ..... Feldenkrais

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

At the end of a long clinical day - believe it or not - when there is time and space, I really enjoy reflecting on what EACH client TAUGHT ME. Today's crown goes to a lovely lady who will remain anonymous.

I found myself writing this to her in a follow up email. Verbatim.

"Dear X, Please find 45 mins a week to practice your Feldenkrais movement prescription. It will FRUSTRATE the Crap out of you..... and when you catch yourself getting agitated -

Breathe deeply and know that is part of the process. Making peace with SLOW is how our brain's find time to PROCESS new movements"

I laughed as I typed it - because I vividly recall how FRUSTRATED Feldenkrais used to make me. I wanted to know how to FIX my issue and I wanted it actioned last week. Such was my impatience for my own body.

What I came to learn, with the mentorship of the late Rae Martin, was the learning was in the FRUSTRATION, it was in the SLOWNESS, it was in the SUBTLETY.

It WASN'T in Intensity, repeated reps under high loads or in high heart rates.

MY previous conditioning had to DUMP ALL OF THAT and enter a space of "feeling dumb". In that space, growth sparked and TRUE wisdom started to root, and my LOVE of MOVEMENT SPROUTED BIG TIME.

So thank you to all the client's that allow me to be curious with their bodies so that I may continue to learn, and to Rae Martin - who knew more than anyone I have ever crossed paths with - and had the audacity to simply allow me to discover my own truth, in my own time, in my own way.

For anyone that dares to try one of the BEST movement practices I have ever discovered - Visit

Visit this link for a free weekly Feldenkrais class that will ease most pains and help you truly learn what QUALITY MOVEMENT really is.

Rae Martin - Feldenkrais expert
Rae Martin - Feldenkrais expert

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