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Would you go Barefoot ? Indeed I would - As Featured on Today Tonight

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

What an opportunity to get on National TV and "spruik" the advantages of Barefoot Motion. Seems like my Barefoot Mantra is being heard and I was contacted by a reporter from Today Tonight to give my opinion on going Barefoot. More than TOO happy to respond and I even agreed to some Filming in Perth, dragging my daughter along for Fun. My point was obvious. As we filmed in a children's park, 95% of the children had shoes on - despite running around on sand, soft spongey turf, bark chips, etc. This Nature play park had been designed to "simulate nature" and yet all the kids were wearing shoes !!! Parents - where possible - encourage your kids to get their barefeet out of shoes and onto surfaces of all different temperatures, terrains, textures. The sensory information from the feet helps their movement systems and learning centres develop. I would also argue it just feels damn good and calms them down.

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