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Emotions Can be Your Best Immune Boosting Tool

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Dr Joe Dispenza's work is the breakfast of Champions, especially in times of trying to boost immunity to ward off pesky viruses.

Read how he describes Heart Brain Coherence -

" Heart and brain coherence is the process whereby we learn to self-regulate and/or self-emote. This means developing our ability to generate and create emotions from within, rather than waiting for something outside of us to dictate how we feel. When we start using elevated emotions as creative energy, as we get better at the process of generating them, we no longer need to look to (or change) anything in our outer environment for us to feel happy or whole. Instead, we create elevated feelings just for the sake of healing our own heart or creating our own joy. This is not to say we will never feel down or sad, but rather, when we do fall from grace, we are able to get up and change our state of being much faster."

I created Movement Solutions as a space to OFFER solutions for Healing. Originally I thought it was broken bodies, but as things evolved, I realised broken bodies are often deeply connected to broken spirits. How do you set about healing a body when the emotional state of the person living in that body is defeated, depressed, anxious or angry ? You have to supply them with another set of tools. Tools which help them make the connection between the simplest link of all - To Heal you need to get Happy.

As I repeat all day long, your emotions dictate the fuel your body lives on. Toxic or heavy emotions create a biochemistry of poor quality fuel for the body (blood filled with cortisol and adrenalin which feeds inflammation). Loving, peaceful, satisfied emotions create a Premium unleaded fuel source (full of oxytocin, seratonin, endorphins, etc) which acts like a magical elixir of youth to help the body HEAL.

When we help people learn how to turn off the poisonous blood, and turn on the healing blood then true restoration happens. Training emotional states is EXACTLY like training muscles at the gym. You just have to do the work and practice. Once you know how, it is relatively easy. To me it is so LOGICAL that I often struggle to see why we make it all so hard for ourselves ? Why do we push our selves to develop core muscles when the thing keeping us in back pain may be the "feeling of being unsupported" or "financial stress" ? Everyone is unique and the source of our pains is varied.

Many of my colleagues are only interested (and trained) in assessing the physical body. They have zero ability to examine mental mindset or assess emotional resilience. My unique approach to Physiotherapy considers and examines all 3 aspects. Depending on which aspect is creating most issue, depends on the strategy employed. Equipping my clients with Mental, Physical and Emotional Strategies to heal, creates a far superior outcome.

The opposite, yet frequently accepted version of physiotherapy is to have your muscles repeatedly needled, rubbed, poked, prodded and then encouraged to "strengthen" isolated parts of your body. This is a very outdated version of physiotherapy (in my opinion), and demonstrates a lack of insight on the behalf of the therapist. With the latest developments in neuroscience we now know there are smarter ways to expediate healing. The bio-hacks are now scientifically validated and will be the way of future healing.

To Learn More about our Heart Brain Coherence training visit the website or Attend one of our regular Heart, Brain, Breathe classes on a Thursday morning at 9.00 am. During this class, Led by Katie Quarles (Certified Heart Math Coach) we practice flexing our emotional muscles!!!

For a full range of Movement Solutions Services Click Here.

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