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"My Body is F@cked Up"

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

The new NORMAL ….. #newnormal

Is chronic, unremitting, searing burning pain down your leg NORMAL?

Is contemplating suicide, or consuming excessive alcohol to escape the physical pain in your back NORMAL?

Is surviving on a toxic blend of narcotics, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds Normal?

Is visiting a chiropractor every second week for a “tune-up” Normal?


We have done a really great job of “normalising dysfunction”.

At what point in our society’s history did we all decide to accept this level of dysfunction as NORMAL?


These ways of “being, existing, surviving” are not NORMAL

I hear statements like this DAILY -

“My body’s f@cked up”

“It’s stuffed”

“My body needs fixing”

Sadly, they reflect the owner’s belief that somehow their body is the issue.

Hmmm… Could it be the Body is actually a highly intelligent, well-designed, superb piece

of masterful engineering that is being asked to operate in an environment of compromised thinking and Toxic Emotions? Being Fed crap food, given insufficient sleep and sat in a chair for endless hours when it was designed to MOVE over outdoor terrain for hours on end?

We have medical issues, and our medical model offers us bandaid solutions (which sometimes work for a while) which always cost $$$ and end up requiring us to find more bandaids for more problems, which is more $$$. The economy of Health is wired for consumption.

Back Pain costs the Australian economy $40 billion every year, the US economy $98 Billion.

Is this NORMAL ??????

I see my mission ahead is to redefine NORMAL. Let me take this opportunity to remind you of something you may have forgotten.

You have a heart that beats, lungs that breathe, eyes that see, ears that hear, limbs that move.

All unconscious acts performed without your awareness. Optimal Health should be as automatic as THAT.

Things should not hurt for long periods of time, Your emotions should not need “propping” with medication for long periods of time, Your physical body should be so energised that running up a flight of stairs seems natural (not an act of personal training!).

In my world these things are NORMAL.

It may have something to do with a daily routine which includes waking before the sun rises, cold showers, meditation, outdoors movement, gratitude journalling, Training my emotions as often as my muscles, eating well, sleeping well. getting uncomfortable frequently, making tough decisions, having "awkward conversations'.....

Now I get, that if you have never experienced a healthy, active, energised, physically strong body this is a big STRETCH of your reality. Some of you have been conditioned from the day you were born to accept certain standards of ill health as normal.

The real Question is… are you going to accept ill health as normal? Or are you going to re-define your own standards ? Are you going to ditch TRASHING your body and start LOVING THE SHIT out of it?

What does that even look like?

Restful Sleep

Meditation Phase one - To become the observer of your thoughts

Meditation Phase two - To become aware you can re-focus your thoughts

Meditation Phase three - To find stillness between the thoughts

Meditation Phase Four - To find your connection to the eternal, ever-present source of LOVE

(Which is INSIDE of you, not EXTERNAL to you)

Good food and hydration

Quality Movement (preferably with sunshine and fresh air in mother nature’s embrace)

Can you see a bias there?

The irony of Health and Healing is that the LESS you do the BETTER

The Less you interfere with the system, the Better.

Your body knows how to HEAL, you have to learn to get our of its way.

You may choose medication, injections, etc to find relief, but this is only to create space for the REAL WORK which is the inner work.

A totally rich, vibrant, energised life is available to ALL.

It’s totally affordable.

Sitting still with your eyes closed and breathing costs NOTHING.

Cold Showers or Ocean dips cost NOTHING.

Growing a few greens in the backyard is a cheap as chips.

Moving your Body costs NOTHING.

So don’t give me the - I can’t afford it excuse - because the irony is

“YOU CANT afford NOT TO’.

The one path of Many is what we call NORMAL.

Well if what I observe is “normal” you can happily call me ABNORMAL.

Join me on the ABNORMAL end of the scale and we eventually, culturally shift expectations.

If you find it hard to do it for yourself, do it for future generations, do if for your kids, or SEEK HELP from someone who has achieved it.

Thank you Kim Anami for this opportunity to question the New Normal … #newnormal

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