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What does Holistic Rehabilitation Look like ?

Since I wrote about the dangers of "old school" physio I thought it would be clarifying to outline the opposite - "Holistic Integrated Rehabilitation".

Defined by Google as -


  1. PHILOSOPHY characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

    • MEDICINE characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

I like those definitions.

As they apply to the human body -

  • Thoughts are vibrations with frequency that alter cellular motion and cellular behaviour

  • Fascial studies confirm we are a web of interconnected tissue "connective tissue"

  • An emotion is a biochemical reaction which impacts our hormonal output within seconds

  • Every step you take drives a ripple of motion from your big toe to your skull

So if we know all these things .... we can see the danger in simply focusing efforts towards the painful body part. The painful body part is a creation of either some limited thinking, some inefficient movement habits, or some heavy emotional addictions.

At Movement Solutions our tagline is "Solutions to help you THINK, MOVE and FEEL" better.

That is not a random line. It took me many years of clinical practice to make a complex science, as simple as possible. To become well, to heal and to thrive ; we all need 3 things.

  • We need a belief that healing is possible and probable

  • We need quality movement habits ( we don't need six pack abs!)

  • We need to be feeling happy, peaceful, content and joyful more often

As a consequence of this philosophy - Our team is geared towards creating many solutions under one business roof.

  1. Mindset & Sub-conscious Belief Exploration

Your Language is your indicator. If we hear limited language, we know there are limited beliefs.

We all have limited beliefs about all sorts of areas of our life. Health is but one.

This video by Bruce Lipton outlines the science behind the "BIOLOGY of BELIEFS"

2. Movement - Quality Matters

To me, this is the easy part. It's the mindful re-organisation of the sensory pathways to your brain's motor cortex ; the inputs from your eyes, ears and feet predominantly. With an upgrade to your sensory inputs, your neuro-plasticity kicks into gear and your brain develops new ways of moving. New ways of moving creates strength and mobility in new areas of your body and allows injured areas to REST and REPAIR.

This is NOT - going to the gym and doing squats, or activating your core, or bench press.

This IS - Learning how to centre your pelvis on your feet, re-training a non-dominant eye, etc.

3. Emotional Fitness

Your emotions are addictive. YES. So if you are normally off the charts excited, you are hard wired biochemically to be that way. If you are depressed and anxious often, you are hard wired to be that way. The good news is that when we truly understand our emotions as guidance, they can lead us to every increasingly joyful ways of being. The happier you are, the healthier your blood is, and the quicker you repair. So FEELING GOOD is an absolute strategy for health.

There are many solutions for improving your emotional health - Some practitioners I frequently refer to -

  • Kinesiology - Mandy Lane - Prana Health

  • Body Talk - Andrea Menke Body Talk

  • Katie Quarles - Heart Math Practitioner and Hypnosis

Our Health is our Wealth.

What's the point of having an awesome body if you are totally self critical and miserable ?

What's the point of having an awesome mindset if your body won't do the things you wish to do ?

What's the point of being physically capable and happy but feeling limited in your abilities ?

There is a FOURTH pillar of health that I speak of with those that are comfortable with the topic.

Connection to Spirit. Spirituality adds the final sparkle to life. It's the JUICE.

I have written about this topic in a previous blog " Accessing Spirituality through Physicality"

So if your next injury brings you knocking on our door - Know that we are interested in the WHOLE of WHO YOU ARE. We are interested in your thoughts, your feelings and your movement patterns.

Both Isobel Barak & I (Marion McRae) have additional qualifications in whole-body movement assessment and strategies for bio-hacking the mind-body connection to facilitate rapid healing.

We are invested in your outcomes. We are able to "Patch and Despatch" if that is all you are seeking, however if you are truly keen to listen to your bodies signals, then we can help you see the opportunity in every pain.

We are available for Online Telehealth Consultations (Worldwide) , Home visits in the Margaret River Region and of course, you are welcome to visit us at our beautiful studio on the river !

Holistic Rehabilitation Margaret River | Margaret River Physio | Massage Margaret river

To book an appointment go here

We are located at 26/14 Willmott Ave, Margaret River.

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