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Chronic Persistent Pain is NOT NORMAL

No matter what the "experts" tell you....

Chronic pain is NOT normal and therefore before you accept it as your reality - I would encourage you to explore the many and varied tools available.

You might say :

"I have tried everything"

"It's just the way it is"

Or "It's just part of getting older"

But the truth is…

No one has tried EVERYTHING

It isn't just the way it is and

Aging is not a sentence for pain

I know plenty of old people with arthritic, knobbly joints who have no pain = FACT

There’s ALWAYS a reason we’re experiencing pain (and if we can find it, we can solve it).

The problem?

The SOURCE of chronic pain is rarely the PLACE where we’re in pain.

Knees can hurt if the ankles, hips, and shoulders don’t move well…

Back pain often comes from a shoulder, foot or hip imbalance…

Foot or ankle pain can come from how the entire body leans forward, making the feet work harder to keep the body upright…

And whilst we assume the source is in the physical body - What if it started LONG ago as an unhealthy thought process, which triggered an emotional reaction which is now so hard-wired into your nervous system that you are a walking cortisol and adrenaline factory ? Perpetually feeding insatiable inflammatory cycles that roar through your body like a bush fire ?

Emotions are ADDICTIVE biochemically. Even when we become aware we are stuck emotionally, we need strategy to re-wire the chemistry.

95% of our daily thoughts are SUB- CONSCIOUS - meaning - we don't even know what we are thinking half the time. If we can't become aware of our limiting beliefs, how can we possibly challenge them ?

So whilst most of us start at the physical body as the source of pain - because it's the part that hurts, we may need to explore beyond the physical to really find answers for our persistent pains.

This is what it means to be a HOLISTIC Physiotherapist.

To assess a client's language, belief's, emotional states, and movement dysfunctions.

It requires many layers of skill and many levels of additional trainings beyond a 4 year physiotherapy degree.

It does not assume that dry needling a sore muscle is the answer.

it does not de-value your persistent experience by telling you to "get stronger"

It does not tell you to meditate and all will be well.

It's a clinical process like any other with evaluation and intervention where appropriate.

So before you accept your persistent pain - EXPLORE your thoughts, your emotions, your movement patterns and your many, many options.

Movement Solutions is a HOLISTIC BUSINESS.

We are just as interested in how you THINK and how you FEEL, as we are in how you MOVE.

And we have solutions for ALL of you.

Image Courtesy of Pain Academy

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