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When you need a physiotherapist, it can be tricky to know who is best for you ? Especially because all physiotherapists practice differently - depending on their own interests, studies, etc.


This video may help guide your booking decision.


Is your injury Simple Single Joint  or Complex  ? 

Are you seeking a Quick Fix  or  Full Body Alignment  ?

Or a  Home Visit Service to come to you ? 


It's up to you, your budget and your time demands.  We have options to suit everyone. 

The Key to Good Health

by Annette Verpillot | TEDxMontrealWomen

When considering chronic pain, posture is often overlooked. What if understanding posture and the connections of the body could be the key to prevention?

In this 14min TEDx talk, Annette Verpillot gives a better understanding of what drives our posture (good or bad) and gives us a fascinating demonstration of her method with a person from the audience.