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Sold as a set of two, the Slings Myofascial Massage Balls can be used for the massage of various parts of your body. The nubs are slightly rounded and thus allow gentle stimulation—even in sensitive areas, such as the muscle attachments on the occipital bone of the skull.


In addition to using the Slings Massage Balls as a prop for sensory stimulation and fascial hydration, they can be used to improve balance and stability. An integrated valve allows some adjustment in terms of firmness.


The Slings Massage Balls are ideal for your Slings Myofascial Training® exercises and beyond.


When applied correctly, they can help to:


- Promote hydration and glide of your fascia

- Stimulate fascia and muscles

- Prevent and melt light adhesions in the fascia

- Release myofascial tension

- Increase blood flow and improve circulation

- Increase stability and strength

- Increase mobility and flexibility

- Improve proprioception

- Rejuvenate body and mind

- Calm the nervous system and thus improve “Mañana-Competence”


These tools are perfect for home, studio, or therapeutic use, as well as personal training and group classes. For home practise videos go to or


10 cm Ø, 100 g, gold

Latex free, BPA free, free of phthalate, lead-free, REACH compliant


No Shipping - For instore pick up only. 


Myofascial Massage Balls

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