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Psilocybin & MDMA-Assisted Therapy - Margaret River

It is with great excitement I would like to let our clients know that I have been accepted into Mind Medicine Australia's next cohort of allied health therapists training to be legally able to facilitate psychedelic assisted therapies.

In an upcoming blog, I will dive deep into my "why" for investing my $$$, my time and my energy into creating this as a safe, affordable, effective therapy for south-west residents. For now, In a nutshell, I am so sick of reading about escalating mental health issues, reading stats on addiction levels to opiates, anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds and so sick of our existing models of care. They simply aren't working and yet many of my educated colleagues are still willing to defend and justify the mainstream medical protocols, procedures and structure.

I simply think it's BS and we can do better.

I firmly believe, that plant based medicines are the future, and in fact we are simply seeing a full turn of the dial back to traditional ways. ( Pre- Big Pharma Brain Washing) .

There really is nothing new here, except the growing mainstream acceptance of "old ways".

Things have to go really wrong and become chaotic for those on the front line to start looking for viable new ways of doing things. I am glad the mental health crisis is REAL and ESCALATING.

It is driving the seeking of alternative solutions, and I am fully supportive of the way Mind Medicine Australia is conducting business.

And, as per the "Movement Solutions" business mission, my team and I are keen to be able to provide any non-drug based "solution" that helps our clients think, feel and move better. Psychedelics, for the right person and when applied with care, can help achieve all three.

My training starts June, and finishes October. I am hoping to be able to start facilitating therapy in November. To register your interest, please drop me a confidential email

All thoughts, opinions and ideas welcome. This is a new space, an exciting direction for health care and I am open to all advice.

Fast Psychedelic Facts

  • Around the world psychedelic-assisted therapies are on the cusp of widespread acceptance as a breakthrough therapy for key classes of mental illness.

  • These medicines have been shown to be very safe and non-addictive when used in a medically controlled environment.

  • These therapies are being trialed as treatments for depression, PTSD, anxiety, end-of-life distress, dementia, anorexia and opioid, alcohol and smoking addictions and a number of other illnesses.

  • These treatments are showing remission rates of up to 80% after just 2-3 medicinal doses in combination with psychotherapy.

  • There have been over 300+ trials in the past decade.

  • In the 50's/60's these medicines were considered the next big breakthrough in treatments for mental illnesses before the War on Drugs in 1970, which stopped further research for decades.

  • Both psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for major and treatment-resistant depression as well as MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD have been granted “Breakthrough Therapy Designation” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA to fast-track the approval process because clinical evidence to date indicates that they may demonstrate substantial improvement over currently available therapies.

  • In the past 2 years over 40 for-profit companies have emerged in this space globally creating an entire new industry, jobs and other opportunities for innovation in treatments.


  • In February 2023 the TGA rescheduled MDMA and psilocybin, making Australia the first country in the world to recognise them as medicines.

Move well,

Marion McRae

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Tracey Taylor
Tracey Taylor
May 28, 2023

This is fantastic news, so needed Yay!!!

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