Our Mission
To help you Think, Move & Feel Better

Movement Solutions is both a virtual, and local studio created by Marion McRae (Physiotherapist & Movement Addict)  to educate, inspire and celebrate MOVEMENT as a pure, affordable and drug-free way to solve most of life's challenges. Movement is our Medicine and we use it in various ways to align you mentally, physically & emotionally - taking you beyond pain/injury into PEAK PERFORMANCE.

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Meet Our Passionate Team


Marion McRae

Movement Solutions Owner


Building Bulletproof Backs Program


Mieke Boerema

Aerial & Online Physiotherapist

Yoga for Pain


Katie Quarles

Certified Online

HeartMath Trainer


Marion Stietel

Massage Therapist

 Guided Osho Meditations

Workplace Wellness Solutions

We can deliver most of our services to your workplace, either in person, or via Zoom.