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Our Mission
To help you Think, Move & Feel Better

Movement Solutions is a boutique space created by Marion McRae (Physiotherapist & Movement Addict)  to educate, inspire and celebrate MOVEMENT as a pure, affordable and drug-free way to solve most of life's challenges. Movement is our Medicine and we use it in various ways to align you mentally, physically & emotionally - taking you beyond pain/injury into PEAK PERFORMANCE.

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Meet Our Passionate Team


Marion Stietel

Massage Therapist


Marion McRae

Movement Solutions Owner


Building Bulletproof Backs Program


Mieke Boerema

Aerial Physiotherapist

Yoga for Pain


Helen Sin

PIlates & Yoga Teacher

Personal Trainer

Calenactive Sportswear


Katie Quarles

Certified HeartMath


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Myriam Sorigue-Clarke

Movement Teacher

Pelvic Floor Focus

Sports Wear
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