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Our Core Mission is to Get you Moving and Keep you Moving,  

We'll help you overcome whatever barriers are holding you back; whether it be  injury, surgery, lack of motivation or simply not knowing which movement practice will tick your boxes?

We take a holistic approach - aligning your mindset, caring about your emotions, so that ultimately, your progress forward is about more than just your body. 


Our intention is to see you THRIVE - Movement is our Medicine.

Our Services

For injuries, stiff & sore muscles, etc. start with a physiotherapy review and/or remedial massage.

Online Rehab Courses

Some of you prefer to learn, move & rehab in your own homes. Check out Marion's unique online movement courses

Movement Classes

Fast or Slow? High impact or low? Intense or soft? stretch or strength focussed? So many flavours of unique Movement on offer.

Team Meeting


Yoga Stretches

Investing in
your workplace wellness
is a smart move.

Research has shown that workplace wellness programs bring physical, mental and emotional benefits to employees as well as financial benefits to companies.

Blog Rants about all things Movement

Curious to learn how your body can move better ? Rehab tips? The science of movement and more? Go to our Blog Page for Marion's latest Movement Rants. 

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Building Bulletproof Backs

by Marion McRae - Physiotherapist & Movement Addict

Join Marion as she interviews back pain sufferers who have found a way out of the nightmare. Physical, Mental & Emotional Tools are shared, to help you Build a Bulletproof Back.