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The SIMPLICITY of being well

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Life has a funny way of teaching.

I was listening to the replay of myself being interviewed by a colleague - Rocky Snyder

When you listen to the evolution of your own story, it is a really surreal experience.

I paused at the end in awe of the many stages my career has evolved through.

There were times as a physiotherapist I felt useless and disillusioned.

There were times I tried to leave the profession.

There were times I became immensely frustrated and angered by the rigidity of my university teachings, and felt isolated by the narrow minded opinions of my professional colleagues.

Yet after listening to my story re-told I became acutely aware of the necessity of all those stages, and it reminded me of the experiences shared by my client's with chronic health conditions.

Most people seeking wellness have felt useless, have felt disillusioned, have tried to leave the medical model, have become frustrated and angry with the rigidity of the system, and felt the isolation of believing things others don't.

I see now, that my client's and I have shared similar pathways.

And what I find totally inspiring, is that between us, we have carved out a unique approach to finding well being, that does not have one size fits all, but rather is a collective of tools which they get to choose from depending on their unique set of perspectives and experiences.

Which leads me to the one line in my own interview that resonated the strongest.

Words I had spoken yet not heard.

"Well being is our Natural State".

There is no striving to return to it. We are not Seeking Healing, but rather we are returning to Well Being. Perhaps a semantic play on words ? but words matter. Words have their own energetic frequency and they have power to uplift or suppress.

So the real question becomes :

How do we make returning to Wellness EASY and SIMPLE ?

We stop doing whatever we are doing that blocks it.

Some blockers -

  1. TRYING too hard,

  2. Overthinking, under Feeling

  3. Noticing what is NOT working in our bodies, rather than what IS working

  4. Striving to DO More rather than simply enjoying BEING

  5. Letting go of the struggle, accepting wellness is our natural state - NOTHING needs to be done. It already is who we are.

We start doing more of what allows us to return to who we already are.

Some facilitators -

  1. Be easy about being well

  2. Feel good more often - laugh, smile, love

  3. Celebrate what works - lungs that breath, muscles that power us, bones that move,

  4. Be still, pause, close your eyes and DO NOTHING - becoming Conscious

  5. Know you are already well, it is who you are

So there it is, after 26 + years in the medical profession, many courses, many books, numerous rabbit holes explored it comes down to that one line. "Well being is our Natural State". Not some far off destination to be reached with a pile of hard work, lots of exercise, super rigid eating plans, complex rehabilitation systems, etc. As my first boss so eloquently put it " Keep it Simple Stupid".

Thank you Rocky Snyder for revealing to me my own revelation, my own words, somehow spoken, but not heard by the person speaking them!

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