Heart Brain Coherence Training - Turning OFF the Stress Cascade

45 min Intro Session $80.00

45 mins x 4 Full Training $300

STRESS is playing a major role in the state of our health and Heart Math Software offers simple, pragmatic & scientifically validated ways to turn off the stress response, preventing inflammation and boosting immunity. During the 4 session Training you will receive - 

  • one-on-one personalised tuition

  • workbook for recording & homework

  • 2 complimentary class passes to our Heart, Brain, Breathe Class. (valued at $36)

Heart and brain coherence is the process whereby we learn to self-regulate and/or self-emote. This means developing our ability to generate and create emotions from within, rather than waiting for something outside of us to dictate how we feel. When we start using elevated emotions as creative energy, as we get better at the process of generating them, we no longer need to look to (or change) anything in our outer environment for us to feel happy or whole. Instead, we create elevated feelings just for the sake of healing our own heart or creating our own joy. This is not to say we will never feel down or sad, but rather, when we do fall from grace, we are able to get up and change our state of being much faster. There is no one on the planet today who does not need HEART MATH techniques.