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Unique Movement Classes

Movement is our Medicine, and we LIKE to offer unique classes - Exclusive to the South West. Classes for your Mental, Physical & Emotional Well Being. Our boutique space provides safe, professional and customised class experiences. Most of our classes are CLAIMABLE on your private health cover. Simply bring in your card and we can claim on the spot!

Movement Matters

Tuesdays, Fridays 9.00 am 

Casual Class $18

10 Class Pack $150

This class is a movement blend, inspired by Physiotherapist - Marion McRae's many areas of study. You may catch glimpses of Pilates, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Spinal Fitness, Anatomy in Motion, Postural Neurology, etc. This class is designed to teach, educate and inspire you to practice QUALITY MOVEMENT. Suitable for most levels of fitness and customised for YOU. All Props Provided.


Heart, Brain, Breathe Class

9.15 am Thurs 
Casual Class $18
10 Class Pack $150

This unique class is based on the belief that mental and physical health are inter-related, and should be conditioned together. This class combines breath work, movement, heart focussed emotional techniques and guided meditations to help participants regain control of their body, mind and emotions.

Meditation by the Sea

Aerial Physio

Kids Class 4.30 pm Mon, Wed

Adults 5.30 pm Wed, 6.30 am Fri  

Casual Class $25 

School Term Booking $200

Aerial Physio is a therapeutic practice using a supportive silk hammock. Classes bring together principles of yoga, Pilates, physio and circus, with the central value being to enjoy movement throughout life. Guided movement, postures and mindfullness encourage relaxation, strength and control in a playful but calm environment. 
Kids classes specifically help with sensori-motor learning and development in a non-competitive, fun and safe space. Adults classes help with pain management, body awareness and alignment, resilience and reversal of gravitational forces through inversions.


Yoga for Pain

Mon 5.30 pm 

Casual Class $30

8 week Block $200

Yoga for pain is a Physiotherapist guided practice for people with persistent pain. Classes will teach you practices designed to ease pain, increase movement, relax and re-focus. You will explore the body's response to positions and movement and learn to calm the nervous system.

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Personal Rehabilitation

by Appointment 
$95 Per Hour Session

This option is great if you are recovering from surgery, have specific injuries, or would simply prefer customised attention to train your weak spots. Choose a Yoga, Pilates, or Functional Fitness approach. We can cater to your needs.


Corporate Fitness Classes

Get your Work Crew MOVING

Instructor + Studio HIre $115 / HR + GST

We already provide some local business's a regular weekly class for their staff to enjoy (max 15), and we would love to see more!  "The team that moves together stays together" Choose Yoga, Pilates, Chi Flow, or all THREE ! Tax Deductible.


Sound Meditation

First Friday of Month 7 pm
Casual Class $25

Experience DEEP relaxation with the harmonic sounds created by Ute as she takes you on a journey of brain wave seduction from Noisy Monkey Mind Beta to chilled out, zen Theta. For those that struggle to meditate, this sound “listening” lulls the brain into a state of meditation without effort,  creaating improved sleep, enhanced immunity, greater clarity.