Online Movement & Meditation Classes

Movement is our Medicine, and we LIKE to offer unique classes encompassing your Mental, Physical & Emotional Well Being. Most of our classes are CLAIMABLE on your private health physiotherapy cover.

Simply let us know at the time of booking and we will issue you a claiming receipt!

We offer pricing suggestions, but in these INTENSE times we are also accepting Donation Only forms of payment. Your Mental Health Matters - more than ever before. #sociallyuniteonline

Movement Matters

Tuesdays, Fridays 9.00 am 

Casual Class $18

10 Class Pack $150


This class is a movement blend, inspired by Physiotherapist - Marion McRae's many areas of study. You may catch glimpses of Pilates, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Spinal Fitness, Anatomy in Motion, Postural Neurology, etc. This class is designed to teach, educate and inspire you to practice QUALITY MOVEMENT. Suitable for most levels of fitness and customised for YOU. All Props Provided.


Heart, Brain, Breathe Class

9.15 am Thurs 
Casual Class $18
10 Class Pack $150


This unique class is based on the belief that mental and physical health are inter-related, and should be conditioned together. This class combines breath work, movement, heart focussed emotional techniques and guided meditations to help participants regain control of their body, mind and emotions.

Meditation by the Sea

Yoga for Pain


Mon 5.30 pm 

Casual Class $30

8 week Block $200

Yoga for pain is a Physiotherapist guided practice for people with persistent pain. Classes will teach you practices designed to ease pain, increase movement, relax and re-focus. You will explore the body's response to positions and movement and learn to calm the nervous system.

Childs pose front.jpg

Personal Online Rehabilitation

$95 Per Hour Session

This option is great if you are recovering from surgery, have specific injuries, or would simply prefer customised attention to train your weak spots. Choose a Yoga, Pilates, or Functional Fitness approach. We can cater to your needs and deliver direct to your lounge room via Zoom. 


Online Corporate Fitness 

Get your Work Crew MOVING & help them stay socially connected

Instructor HIre $115 / HR + GST

During these times, workforces are isolated and easily disconnected. Maintain staff morale and fitness with a weekly class for all to participate in. Conducted via Zoom, your team can workout together and chat and laugh and see each' other's smiling faces.  The team that moves together stays together" Choose Yoga, Pilates, Chi Flow, Group Fitness, etc or all of them!!

Tax Deductible.