About Movement Solutions

Image by Emma Simpson
Our Mission

Our Team of therapists seek to enrich lives with strategies and services that help you THINK, FEEL and MOVE Better.

We all  achieve this in our own unique ways. Some of us use our hands, some of us use our words, some of move our bodies. 

Our Purpose

To Educate, Inform and Inspire Change in traditional health care management. We subscribe to the theory that your Mind, Body and Soul are inextricably linked and to treat one, without acknowledgement of the other, is ineffective, antiquated and damaging.  Holistic Healthcare embraces the idea - that how you Think, affects how you FEEL which affects how rapidly you Heal.  

Our Services

For injuries, stiff & sore muscles, etc. start with a physiotherapy review and/or remedial massage.

Online Rehab Courses

Some of you prefer to learn, move & rehab in your own homes. Check out Marion's unique online movement courses

Movement Classes

Fast or Slow?, High impact or low?, Intense or soft? stretch or strength focussed? So many flavours of unique Movement on offer.