I Love It When a Chiropract Talks MOVEMENT

Came across this great TED TALK by Eric Goodman. Explaining what I attempt to explain to patient’s all day, yet probably don’t do it as well as he does. The concept that pain is simply your bodies way of grabbing your attention. It is usually a sign of a movement system breakdown – either too much, too soon, or done too poorly. The pain is really not the issue to me – because i know if you sort your movement out, then it disappears. Restoring quality movement might involve releasing some tight fascia, but this wont stick if you don’t re-wire the brain into an alternative way of moving. Re-wiring brains sounds difficult. Ironically, re-wiring movement systems in the brain is very relaxing, very rewarding and highly enjoyable. Much easier than sweating it out at the gym, and twice as effective if what you are seeking is quality, pain free movement. The gym (in my opinion) is more about weight loss, sculpting definition in muscles or increasing their power for more robust activities like climbing mountains, or running marathons. If you are seeking pain free easy movement, please don’t think you will find it in a gym.

My one criticism of Eric is prescribing the above exercise for everyone in the audience. It is an interesting exercise and worth experimenting with. However, no one exercise will fix everyone. To activate one muscle group over another is flawed. We should be striving for balance between our fascial lines, not dominance of one over the other. There are easier ways to activate our back line…. but more on that another day!