Getting Your Head Around Chronic Pain – There Is Hope

Years ago, whenever a patient with chronic pain presented for physiotherapy I admit I had a sinking feeling inside. Largely, because I did not have the answers and I did not understand their needs.

Standard exercise prescription seemed inappropriate for someone who was in pain just standing still, and manual therapy techniques seemed to only scratch the surface or offer short term relief.

Then people like Norman Doidge came along. Pioneers of the term “neuroplasticity’ which slowly helped us understand what was really going on in someone’s brain when they had chronic pain.

Chronic pain is defined as any pain which has been hanging around for longer than approx. 8 – 12 weeks. After this time frame, most soft tissue injuries have healed. For the pain to continue and to actually increase is a great indicator that the brain has become highly involved in the pain experience.

Understanding chronic pain helps us offer hope for those suffering it. Effectively, there are now techniques which help to re-wire faulty brain circuits which are keeping the pain alive. I have trained with Neil Pearson as a chronic pain provider of his very holistic pain care pro online education and prescription course for those suffering chronic pain. It is a great combination of education, breathwork, movement and mental strategies. As a Pain Care Provider, my patients receive a 30% discount on the online course he offers.

Please don’t suffer any longer. There are options which can now be explores which do not require surgery, excessive medication or psychologists. Anyone subjected to constant pain signals for any duration of time begins to suffer measurable changes in their brain which affect their ability to think, their ability to communicate and robs them of the joy of living and moving. Please share this blog with them.