Ancient Oils Proving Potent with Health Benefits

There is a new film out, called “Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils“, and it gives a fascinating history of where these oils have come from, from ancient Egypt to the times of Christ to how they were used during the World Wars and how their resurgence is changing the way people view healthcare.

The film outlines how peppermint oil can be used to increase tolerance to lactic acid, (Brilliant for me as I up the ante in training for the Anaconda!) and how frankincense can destroy cancer cells and outlines why essential oils can never be classified as a drug by the FDA (because they are natural plant based extracts) and therefore why big pharma is definitely not a fan of these natural oils.

Many of you whom have been into the clinic lately will have witnessed first hand my application of specific blends of oils depending on your condition and frame of mind. I myself have become a bit of an essential oil freak. Each day, without fail, I pop two drops of Frankinsense under my tongue for sublingual absorption, I down the supplements twice daily, my office, home and clinic pump out various blends depending on my state of mind. If I need focus or uplifting I use Basil, Peppermint, Lemongrass or if i need calming or grounding I use Lavender or Balance ( a blend). They are in my car, they are in my kitchen cupboard for cooking, they are under my sink for cleaning. In fact, my kids and my husband used to “pooh pooh” the oils, but not they are asking for the easy air when their noses are blocked or for the tea tree roll on when they have mosquito bites or sores that aren’t healing.

I would rather have a cabinet of oils, then a basket of prescription drugs. The applications are endless – antibacterial, antifungal, anti-oxidant, awesome for respiratory support, detoxing, weight loss, improving athletic performance, sleep, mental and emotional shifting/balancing, digestive health, immune support, etc. I see no problems with trying oils first… if you don,t get the results you seek, then you certainly have not harmed yourself in any way.

As for where to source? There are a number of great companies out there. I have opted to source mine from Rare Earth Oils – a great Aussie company which has a brilliant model supporting indigenous communities – they grow, harvest, blend and sell their products completely independently of big suppliers so that all revenue goes back to the local community. The only problem with these guys is that their range of oils is limited. So for all other oils I source through Doterra. Largely because they are 100% therapeutic Grade, sourced indigenously in sustainable practices.

Art of motion have our own Doterra shop Link and we do stock a good range of oils so you don’t have to wait on postage. Cookie – Aka Michelle Cooke — my receptionist, pilates instructor, all round knowledgeable lass has all the low down on oils and knows far more than me. A good person to hit up for more information.